Friday, February 10, 2012

Coil pot

This project is a coil pot. To make this we took long coils of clay and made them into rings. Next we placed the on top of each other, smoothing out the inside as we went. Once the pot reached a desired height it was bisque fired. Then I glazed it tan and this is the final product.

Pau Gasol Sculpture

The last project I made was a bust of Pau Gasol. Making this project was challenging because in order to support the clay before it hardened we built a frame out of newspaper.When I tried to remove the paper from the inside the the project cracked in half. I then filled in the crack with a few layers of clay and it was fixed.

Monday, November 14, 2011

This is my first clay project in ceramics. It is a simple pinch pot and used a variety of different art techiques. To add detail to the outside of the clay pot I used a wire tool to scratch the outside. Also I put a zig-zag on the outside of the pinch pot using the wooden tool. After designing the pot I had it fired and glazed it with brown glaze. To do this I dipped it in the glaze multiple times and gave it a thick coating. Lastly it was glaze fired and this is the final product.